SNAME T&R SD-4 Collaboration, Integration and Reuse for A Ship Arrangement Design

When:  Jan 20, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (GB)

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  • Ship layout and arrangement design, in recent years, has been the focus of alternative design strategies and optimization. While this exposes opportunities for first principles design, automation, and design exploration, without provenance the solutions generated by these methods cannot be assumed mature or robust.  In the past, anecdotal design-rules accumulated by experienced engineers from prior projects provided expedient guidance on design configurations with inherent maturity and robustness.  This guidance is still valued but the adoption of modern design technology can make it difficult for anecdotal experience to find a voice. 
  • Over the last decade, AVEVA has had a focused on the integration of the different disciplines into the digital design process. 3D visualization is only one representation of a design, with many disciplines working with schematic diagrams, drawings, or list information.  Use of the Digital Twin not only allows information to be integrated together and evaluated for coherency and consistency, with sensitive collaboration tools it also allows disciplines to own separate design lifecycles, efficiently synchronizing with project when they deem acceptable maturity is reached.   With ownership and maturity management comes successful local solutions, such as a system layout or organization of compartments.  By allowing these configurations to be captured for reuse they can become a Standard Design in the next project limiting the need for design exploration unless necessary.
  • This presentation will draw on the experience of working in both the commercial and naval sectors, and with optimization led approaches to highlight that value of working with a model-based approach, leveraging the experience available to the project and reusing information where possible. The presentation will be supported by examples of modelling and collaborative design in the AVEVA Marine product.


Dr. Marcus Bole, BEng (Honours) PhD MSNAME MRINA Lead Subject Matter Expert on Marine Technical Sales

  • Marcus Bole graduated with a PhD from Strathclyde University. Initially, working as a Naval Architect upgrading the Damage Stability and Survivability of the European RoRo Fleet, Marcus’ interest in computers took him into software development in areas such as Ship Evacuation Simulation, Ship Design and Naval Architecture. This interest created the opportunity to join the software development team at GRC QinetiQ producing the Paramarine Ship Design Suite, leading capability covering Damage Structural Survivability and Design for Production.  Marcus joined AVEVA in 2007, as a marine technical sales consultant supporting customers in Europe and beyond.  Specialising in Hull Surface Design, Naval Architecture, Hull Design and Production, he has delivered projects at BAE Systems, Babcock’s International, Naval Group, NASSCO, CMN, Seaspan and for the restoration of the TS Queen Mary.  Within AVEVA, Marcus is the lead subject matter expert for marine technical sales.
Outside of work, Marcus publishes PolyCAD, free software for student and hobbyists supporting hull surface design, layout and basic naval architecture
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