The State of the Art of CFD in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

When:  Dec 3, 2021 from 03:30 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)
Presented by SNAME T&R, Hydrodynamics Committee, CFD Marine Panel H-11

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models are gaining popularity among ship designers and ocean engineers as a routine design tool. But what are different methods available and how accurate and applicable are they to different problems of interest in naval architecture and ocean engineering?

The newly formed H-11 expert panel on “Marine CFD” was created within SNAME to assess the CFD state of the art in the marine field and provide naval architects with the necessary knowledge to get accurate results and reliable design decision making out of CFD simulations.

This first webinar, produced by this panel, will introduce scope and members of the panel committee and the illustrated the state of the art of CFD in naval architecture and ocean engineering, by introducing challenges in the following design domains of NAOE:

• High Speed Crafts (Stefano Brizzolara)
• Propulsors (Krishnan Mahesh)
• Hull-Propeller Interactions (Spyros Kinnas)
• Surface Vessels (Kevin Maki)
• Surface Vessels Signatures (Ryan Somero)
• Advanced Sailing Boats (Len Imas)
• UV Signatures (Eric Paterson)
• UV Maneuvering (Ezequiel Martin)
• Biomimetics (Michael Triantafyllou)
• Violent Flows (John Gilbert)
• CFD in Ship Design (Daniel Liut and Igor Mizine)
• Offshore Hydromechanics (Moohyun Kim)
• Fluid Structure Interaction (Chenjie Wang)
• Uncertainty Quantification (Fred Stern)

Dr. Stefano Brizzolara, PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, is currently Associate Professor at the Kevin Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering and director of the VT iShip lab at Virginia Tech, directly advising nine PhD students and several master students. In 2011 he debuted in the US academic world as Peabody Visiting Associate Professor in the MIT department of Mechanical Engineering. Research interests include numerical hydrodynamics (CFD) for ship design and their application to the design of advanced marine craft and high performance propulsors. Author of more than 250 peer reviewed papers, designated inventor of 9 patents for innovative ship designs and systems. Awards and recognition include Crofton Faculty Fellow in 2020, the RINA 2018 Calder Prize for best paper on the subject of high speed crafts, 2016 IEEE Excellence in Review for the Journal of Oceanic Engineering, and the 2015 Mandel’s Prize for Excellence in Hydrofoil Research advising. Dr. Brizzolara is chairing the newly formed SNAME H-11 ‘Marine CFD’ technical panel, since 2021.


Dr. Adrian S. Onas
Chair, Hydrodynamics Committee
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Dr. Stefano Brizzolara
Chair, CFD Marine Panel H-11
(540) 231-7552

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