A Scalable and Progressive Manner to Meet IMO2050 with Hydrogen as Marine Fuel

When:  Nov 30, 2021 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM (GR)
Associated with  Greek Section
SNAME Greek Section is pleased to invite you to its third webinar for the 2021-2022 season where Antonios Trakakis, Technical Director Marine of RINA Greece will make a presentation on the topic of “A Scalable and Progressive Manner to Meet IMO2050 with Hydrogen as Marine Fuel”.
Driven from the high uncertainties around the zero carbon fuels, RINA suggests the production of H2 on board an LNG fueled ship through the commercially available technology of methane reformer.
The produced H2 can be used directly to power fuel cells or in a mix with LNG as fuel to ICE’s, and there is no need for its storage on board.
The process also produces CO2, which is separated from hydrogen by being liquefied from the cold stream of LNG, before this is reformed. Then it can be stored and used as inert gas on board tankers, or delivered ashore.
The reformer and CO2 tank can be installed in discrete steps at subsequent drydocks, starting five or even ten years after ship’s delivery, and thus achieve not only to fulfill the regulatory requirements, but also to remain ahead of the competition in a well-structured and easy to implement manner.
The extra capex is expected to be very moderate, while the running fuel cost is comparable to today’s VLSFO, unlike the case of zero carbon fuels which are expected to be 2x or3x more expensive than fuel oil.

Antonios Trakakis, Technical Director Marine of RINA Greece
Antonis Trakakis studied Mechanical Engineering at NTUA and carried graduate studies at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in the field of Turbomachinery. He worked for shipping companies, both in ropax and ocean freighter sectors, and joined RINA in Oct 2020 as Technical Director, Marine. In his previous employments he engaged extensively with the application of LNG and alternative fuels in deep sea shipping and with issues relevant to operation of ships in sensitive areas like the Baltic sea. Among his special concerns are the formation and control of emissions, and engine efficiency.

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