Apr 26 2012

Apr 26 2012



‘‘ Preheating in Welding Technology’’

Technical Meeting Report by D.H. Economou

On April 26 the Greek Section had its eighth technical meeting
for the 2011-2012 season, which coincided with the 10 year
anniversary of the founding of our Section. In the presence of
some 44 persons, Mr Athanasios Reisopoulos, Germanischer
Lloyd Area Manager for Southern Europe, Dipl.Ing., Welding
Eng., presented the titled subject.

The author described what is weld cracking and the possible
causes of cracking. Also he described the hydrogen induced
weld cracking as affected by the hydrogen content level.
He showed very interesting photos of visual appearance of
hydrogen cracks and explained how to detect them.
The author explained how effective is the preheating of weld
areas to higher temperatures to avoid cracking, and how
important is the level of preheating, which is the responsibility
of the manufacturer, who has to follow the respective standards.
He presented also three different methods to calculate the
preheating temperature level, and the qualitative influences on
the preheating temperature. Also he did a comparison between
the three methods using some numerical examples.
An important part of the presentation was the reference to the
areas of preheating in hull structures with photos, examples and
ways to repair some cracks.

A lively discussion followed this valuable presentation and the
meeting was concluded with a nice reception, at the hospitable
premises of Maran Tankers, during which we celebrated also
the 10 year anniversary of our Section with a special cake
and champagne, the later generously donated by Stavros
Hatzigrigoris, our loyal substitute executive committee member.

(from Left ro right) K. Maounis, Chairman; A. Reisopoulos, Author; P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer; G. Grigoropoulos, Past Chairman.

 K. Maounis, as the outgoing chaiman, is receiving SNAME's Certificate of Appreciation
from P. Lalangas 

The anniversary cake