January 25 2018

Report on SNAME Greek Section meeting on January 25th, 2018


2018 kicked off with a special meeting organized by the Greek section of SNAME where four SNAME members were recognized for their commitment and contribution to the industry; four students of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens presented their diploma thesis and the Section cut its vasilopita.


During the first part of the event the following four NTUA graduates represented their thesis, starting with Elias Bilalis, whose presentation focused on “Experimental and Numerical Study of Composite Shafts”. Once Mr. Bilalis completed his presentation, Konstantinos Iliopoulos took the floor and started his presentation on “Application of Mode Analysis Method for the Unsteady Lifting Surface Problem”. The third presentation was given by Stefanos Panagiotellis who focused on “Evaluation of IMO’s Generation Intact Stability Criteria – Investigation for the Possible Impact on RO-RO/Passenger & RO-RO/Cargo – Ship Design and Operation”. Nikos Phokas was the last contestant and gave a presentation on “Development of Skeletal Chemical Kinetics Mechanisms for Methane Combustion for Marine Engine Applications”.


During the second half of the event Dimitris Georgiadis and Emmanuel Samuelides were recognized for being awarded the Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize for their paper “Conversion of an Oil Tanker into FPSO: Strength and Reliability Assessment”; Theodoros Kardaras received a SNAME Undergraduate Scholarship certificate; and Constantinos Rengos was congratulated on his 50-year commitment and dedication to SNAME.


A Q&A session succeeded the presentations, while a 11-member committee that comprised local section’s Executive Committee members, academics and industry representatives evaluated the presentations for their originality, content and contribution to science. Nikos Phokas’ presentation outweighed the other three and he received a cash prize of €300.00. The other three graduates received a copy of Stability and Safety of Ships: Risk of Capsizing by V.L. Belenky & N.B. Sevastianov as a gift.


During the post-meeting reception, a vassilopita was cut and the winner of the coin received a gift from the SNAME Greek Section.


The meeting was attended by more than 55 persons, including students and professionals, members and non-members.



The four presentations can be found here.

Elias Bilalis’ presentation bilalis_experimental_and_2018_SECP.pdf

Konstantinos Iliopoulos’ presentation iliopoulos_application_of_mo_2018_SECP.pdf

Stefanos Panagiotellis’ presentation panagiotellis_evaluation_of_IMO_2018_SECP.pdf

Nikos Phokas’ presentation fokas_development_of_sk_2018_SECP.pdf


Dr. Kokarakis congratulates the 1st-place winner of the NTUA Diploma Thesis Competition, Niko Phoka



Dr. Kokarakis congratulates the four contestants on their outstanding performance during the event.



Dimitris Georgiades is being awarded the Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize for his paper “Conversion of an Oil Tanker into FPSO: Strength and Reliability Assessment”



Theodoros Kardaras is being recognized for being awarded a SNAME Undergraduate Scholarship


Lydia Kougioumoutzaki is the winner of vasilopita coin