October 4 2018

Meeting Report on Improving the Fleet’s Performance presented by HSVA at the SNAME Greek Section’s monthly meeting on October 4th, 2018.


During the second section meeting for the 2018-2019season Dr.-Ing. Jochen Marzi, Director, Head of Department Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Reinholz, Project Manager, Deputy Head of Department Resistance amd Propulsion and Dipl.-Ing. Eva Göricke, Project Manager, Department Propellers & Cavitation at HSVA presented the latest developments from HSVA’s specialists daily work in industry projects and on-going research.

Their presentation was moderated by Apostolos Papanikolaou, Professor and National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Senior Advisor at HSVA.


During the presentation the three speakers focused on the 

  • The influence of regulatory requirements like EEDI, Minimum Safe Powering and Safe Return to Port on ship design
  • The technologies for the reduction of hull resistance, covering hull design and friction reduction measures
  • The retrofit solutions to increase efficiency like bow modifications, propeller retrofits and Energy Saving Devices and
  • The in-service measures.


An extensive Q&A session succeeded the presentation.

The meeting was concluded with the recognition of

Petros Lalangas, Founding Member of the SNAME Greek Section, former Manager of the SNAME European Regional Office (SERO),

Dimitrios Lyridis, Faculty Advisor of the SNAME NTUA Student Section, Winner of the 2018 Faculty Advisor of the Year Award and

Apostolos Papanikolaou, SNAME Senior International Vice-President, past Greek Section Chairman, SOME 2015 Symposium Chairman.


During the post-meeting reception attendees had the chance to meet SNAME Director of Global Outreach & Strategic Initiatives, Michael Taylor, talk to representatives from all segments of maritime industry, discuss and share their ideas.


The meeting was attended by forty-three (43) members and twenty-five (25) non-members and it was broadcast to SNAME members worldwide.


The presentation can be found here




From left to right: Jochen Marzi, Oliver Reinholz, John Kokarakis, Eva Göricke and Apostolos Papanikolaou


In his capacity as Section Chair John Kokarakis expresses his gratitude to Petros Lalangas for his contributions to the SNAME Greek Section.


John Kokarakis congratulates Dimitris Lyridis on his recognition as Faculty Advisor of the Year


John Kokarakis congratulates Apostolos Papanikolaou on his contributions to SNAME and their professional community.