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Past Projects

Environmental Attitudes Survey

Panel EC-7 conducted a worldwide survey monkey survey that investigates attitudes with regard to vessel pollution both within and outside the maritime community.

The Shipboard Environmental Department

EC-7 studied human factors in system design and concluded that the creation of an environmental department aboard ships would help alleviate increased crew workloads.

Proposed Future Projects

The following initiatives are proposed for further discussion:

Curriculum Review

While environmental management is taking center stage in the marine industry, today's naval architectural and marine engineering college curricula only pay limited attention to these concepts. The panel will contact educational institutions and perform a review of their practices and assist institutions in developing a minimal standard for environmental management education.

Design Review

Panel members will provide NAME students with design feedback on the environmental management aspects of their student design projects.

SNAME Text review

The panel will review the relevant sections of SNAME's classic texts with regard to environmental management aspects and provide comments and updates for subsequent versions of those texts.

Environmental management and its core goals of sustainability and environmental stewardship are central to engineering ethics and this panel's goal is to advance these concepts to the highest level and at the greatest possible speed within the profession.