Francis T. Bowles Medal

 2022 Francis T. Bowles Medalist for Notable Early Career Achievement by a Young Maritime or Ocean Professional

 Krishna "Kris" Karri (TAI Engineers, LLC)

Mr. Karri is the Vice President of Operations at TAI Engineers, LLC (TAI), a full-service Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering company. TAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of S&B Infrastructure, Ltd. Mr. Karri manages various ship design projects and mentors design innovation, technical outreach, and professional growth across the company. Mr. Karri worked on many commercial and government ship design projects over the years with two of them recognized as the Significant Boats of the Year by the International Workboat. Mr. Karri focuses on a holistic ship design approach (Commercial, Gov’t/Navy Aux. Ships). Areas of interest include but are not limited to hydrodynamics, structures, stability, design optimization, machine learning, digital twin, noise and vibrations, shipbuilding, production design, and producibility. Mr. Karri is also the Design Integration Manager for the latest heavy polar icebreaker, the Polar Security Cutter program, for the U.S. Coast Guard. Mr. Karri has a Master’s in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of New Orleans, and a Bachelor’s in Naval Architecture from Andhra University. He is also a SNAME Member, SNAME Ship Structures Committee Member, Associate Editor of Journal of Ship Production and Design, ASNE-CGCS Board Member, ABS Rule Committee participant, and a Professional Engineer.

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