Meeting Report


Maggie Nate




March 30, 2019

SNAME Canadian Atlantic Section Supports Engineers Nova Scotia National Engineering Month

Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Canadian Atlantic Section (CAS) of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) volunteered at the ENS signature event at the Halifax Central Library on Saturday, March 30th.  At the public display, SNAME CAS members manned a booth to showcase the  value of membership to current engineering students and professionals and to expand knowledge about naval architecture and marine engineering to young kids interested in STEM.  There was fun and games for the kids, other displays including university student projects, engineering historic sites and other engineering projects from around HRM and Nova Scotia, and robots, too! This year there was also paper-based construction challenges on-site for the whole family, new robot competitions, and an opportunity for teens (and parents) to tour through the new IDEA buildings at Dalhousie University.  SNAME will continue to support the local engineering community here by sponsoring judges for the yearly Dalhousie Engineering Planing Craft Student Design Competition next week.


Approved by: Greg Wiggins; SNAME CAS Vice-Chair Maritimes