Meeting Report

SNAME Canadian Atlantic Section Gets Digital!


Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Canadian Atlantic Section hosted a two part Digital Twin series on the evening of November 20th at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


Part 1 was entitled “Digital Twin: Enough Talk, Get Started!”. At the recent SNAME Maritime Convention in Tacoma, WA, a panel of industry stakeholders shared their insights and experience into the transformative impact of digitalization in shipbuilding and operations, and specifically, the role of the digital twin. David Males, moderator for this panel, recapped the presentations given by reach of the panelists that included Ryan Roberts (US Coast Guard), Leonard Pecore (Genoa Design International), Winston Pynn (NAPA Software), Dr. Gu Hai (ABS), Roger Nounou (GE Power Conversion), and Mark Debbink (Newport News Shipbuilding).


Part 2 of the evening was titled “Class Goes Digital!” Lloyd's Register has developed the first ever data-driven compliance framework for the marine and offshore industry: 'Digital Compliance'. The increasing use and advancement of digital twins presents a significant opportunity to marine and offshore operators in terms of improving aspects of their operational performance and maintenance regimes, as well as allowing for greater transparency and repeatability in demonstrating compliance with internal and external requirements. Colin Clark, P.Eng, the Americas Consultancy and Strategic Initiatives Manager for Lloyd's Register and the President of Lloyd's Register's Applied Technology Group, presented on the topic.


Turn out was exceptional this month for our “double feature” with 23 attendees.  Past CAS Chair, Jim Pope, spoke to available volunteering opportunities for the upcoming Mari-Tech 2020 conference taking place in Halifax in April before the speakers began.  The Q&A sessions for each speaker afterwards included active audience participation with a representative from Thales providing insight into their experiences and ongoing work in the Digital Engineering field.  Afterwards, each speaker was presented with a gift for their effort (a SNAME coffee mug).  Following a the formal Q&A session, attendees gathered in the adjacent meeting room to informally interact, ask more questions, and network over beverages and snacks.  The evening prior, Meetings Chair, Maggie Nate, gave a Resume Building Workshop to the local Dalhousie University engineering students, several of whom also came to the Digital Twin meeting.