A Nominating Committee is elected by the Section Executive Committee for the purpose of selecting a slate of officers and Executive Committee Members for future year(s). This committee should represent the diverse interests of the Section and might include:

a. Past Section Chair,
b. Member(s) of Executive Committee or other member(s) who previously have not held elective office, and
c. Other members, as required.

The committee should consider all nominees carefully on the basis of ability, interest in the Society, previous service and, very importantly, whether or not the individual’s business affairs will permit his/her
participation to the degree required.

The Nominating Committee may make recommendations to the Section Executive Committee for candidates to serve as Society Standing Committee Chair or officers. The Section Executive Committee is responsible for forwarding suggested candidates to the Society Nominating Committee in April.

It is very important that the Section make a nomination for the office of Regional Vice President. The Regional Vice Presidents are the elected members of the Society’s Executive Committee. Consideration must be given to the ability of the nominee to attend these meetings, in addition to the qualifications normally examined for candidacy. See Appendix “H” of the SNAME Section Manual for duties of Regional Vice Presidents.