Publicity Committee

The main purpose of publicity is to encourage interest in the Society’s activities. It is axiomatic that the person responsible for the Section’s Public Relations should have a flair for telling the story of the Society and the Section in a stimulating manner that dignifies SNAME. Suitable publicity announcing a forthcoming meeting may be provided to newspapers and trade journals in order to stimulate interest in that meeting. Photographs of meeting participants, interesting meeting events, or other items should be submitted, along with the meeting report, to Society Headquarters at the conclusion of the meeting for publication in Marine Technology. Similar materials, written in an interesting journalistic style, should also be submitted to local newspapers and journals, as well as national and international publications. The main purpose of the publicity is to inform the interested public about the activities of the Section and to stimulate meeting attendance.

Technical meeting reports sent to Headquarters will be edited by the Sections Manager and forwarded simultaneously to the Publications and Website Managers for inclusion in Marine Technology (MT) and the SNAMeNewsLetter (eNL). Articles arriving after the deadline for MT (six weeks prior to the publication date) will be held for the next issue. To ensure timeliness of the event articles are now published in the eNL as well, and will be included in the next issue of the eNL, published semimonthly on the 1st and 15th of each month.