Technical Student Sessions

Technical Student Sessions.

In our student community, there is a tradition that we do at the end of the semesters which consists in showing all experiments and experiences along the semester through technical presentations given by Students of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering holding in different meeting rooms, including the Faculty’s Auditorium.

The Sessions cover areas such as:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Applied Programming
  • Resistance and Propulsion
  • Ship Structures
  • Ship Vibrations
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Metallic Constructions
  • Non-metallic Constructions
  • Maritime Machinery
  • Ship Design 

It is not only a tradition but a Session Competition as well, encouraging Students of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to improve their skills in presentations and their speaking due to these technical sessions are given in English.

If you want to know about the winners of the last technical sessions with their respective topics, click on here.