Jan. 20, 2011

Jan. 20, 2011

“ National Technical University of Athens ( NTUA ) Student Thesis Presentations”

On January 20th the fourth technical meeting of the Greek Section for the 2010-2011 season took
place, during which four students of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
of the National Technical University of Athens presented their diploma theses completed during
2010. Each of these theses had been submitted by each of the four divisions of the School, and
they were as follows (authors in alphabetical order):

1. George Christakopoulos: "Study of Uniform & Non-uniform Friction-Stir
Weldings of Marine Aluminum Alloys". Supervisor: D. Pandelis
2. Agapoula Gerogiannaki: "Experimental Determination of the Behavior of Fast
Craft in Calm and Rough Seas". Supervisor: G. Grigoropoulos.
3. John Giannopoulos: "Estimate & Evaluation of the Marine Industries Social
Risk". Supervisor: N. Ventikos
4. Sotiris Topaloglou: "Development of a Portable System for the Measurement,
Storage & Processing of Operational Data and Emissions for Marine
Engines". Supervisor: N. Kyrtatos

The winning student was Ms A. Gerogiannaki, since her thesis was judged by members of
the Exec Com and faculty to be the best with respect to quality of content and presentation.
She won a prize of 500 €, donated by the Greek Section, which was accompanied as well by
an appropriate Certificate.

The winning thesis described the experimental investigation of the hydrodynamic
performance of a high-speed craft in calm and rough waters. The tested hull form was
based on the double-chine, wide-transom systematic series developed in the Laboratory for
Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics (LSMH) of the National Technical University of Athens
(NTUA) and it actually constituted an extension of the series at lower L/B ratios. A model
of the hull form with a length of 2.3 m and L/B=3.25 (the L/B range of the original series
was 4.0 - 7.0) was tested in the Towing Tank of the LSMH / NTUA in calm water for
resistance, in regular head waves to derive the Response Amplitude Operator (RAO) curves
and in realistic head sea states. The measured dynamic responses included heave, pitch,
vertical accelerations along the hull form and added resistance in waves. The experimental
results were extrapolated to correspond to a vessel 10 times larger than the model and they
were compared with available data for competitive commercial yachts of similar size. It was
concluded that a yacht with the proposed hull form would perform better than most of the

After the meeting the traditional New Year’s Vassilopita ( cake ) was cut and the winner
of the lucky coin ( this time a small silver boat pendant ) was won by Dimitris Economou,
member of the Executive Committee. We all enjoyed the cake later at the reception with the
delicious hors d’oeuvres & drinks and wished each other a Happy New Year.

Vassilopita Cutting: (from left) D. Economou (E.C. Member), P. Lalangas (Chairman), J Kokkarakis (Vice Chairman), L. Chahalis (Membership Chairman)

Student papers conestants: (from left) N. Dionysopoulos(E.C. Substitute Member) , J. Giannopoulos (student), A. Gerogiannaki (Winner), P. Lalangas  (E.C Chairman)