Feb. 17 2011

Feb. 17 2011


on  “Goal Based Technical Management Systems for Shipping”

Report by: Dr. John Kokarakis

On February 17th The Greek Section hosted the Managing Director of DANAOS Management Consultants, Mr. Dimitri Theodosiou who made a presentation titled : “Goal Based Technical Management Systems for Shipping”. This very interesting presentation outlined management schemes and procedures for a more efficient utilization of the resources of a shipping company and putting in place functions and alarms for early warnings. Short of following the trend of management outsourcing, Mr. Theodosiou analyzed how computerized planned management systems, computerized dry-docking specifications and procedures, rule compliance databases per vessel can be precious companions for a most efficient shipping company.

Further to these tried and established proposals, the speaker analyzed “what should be” and “how to” regarding the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, which is expected to be adopted in the near future. He included operational, design and technical measures to be incorporated and evaluated through the utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). An index proposed is the Technical Condition Index, TCI, which refers to the degree of degradation of an equipment or the hull itself. TCI can be used for example to determine the most appropriate time for antifouling paint renewal/maintenance. The proposal included analysis of vessel performance and monitoring.

Following the presentation there was lively question and answer session focusing on the duality of the optimum speed concept, regarding fuel economy and reduction of harmful green gas emissions. The evening closed with the customary reception and social interaction. 

in the photo ( L to R ):
N. Dionissopoulos, Sub Exec Com member;
G. Grigoropoulos, Ex SNAME Intern Reg VP;
D. Theodossiou, Author
P. Lalangas, Chair

The presentation can be found following the link below

the cuMr. Theodossiou's PPT2.pdfstomary reception and social interaction.