Feb 23 2012

Feb 23 2012

“Development Status of a Ballast Water Management System”
(Based on the Electrolysis Method).

by Kostas Maounis

On February 23rd 2012, the Greek Section of SNAME, held its 6th Technical Meeting for the
2011-2012 Season, with 67 Participants.
It was presented by Ms Diane Hu, Project Manager of SUNRUI Marine Environmental
Engineering Co. Ltd, China.
The Author developed at first, the latest status, in the International ballast water treatment
management situation, with special emphasis, in the U.S, European, and Chinese
forthcoming local regulations. Then she presented the up to now approved Chinese
and International Manufacturers systems, as well as, their respective types of treatment.
Furthermore she explained in detail the procedure followed by her
Company, in order to obtain the IMO Type Approval of their System.
The principles of electrolysis as applied by the Balclor system were then described with
respective diagrams, and slides.
The methods of installation and respective layouts were shown for Bulk Carriers and
Following that, the Author made a Safety Assessment of the Electrolysis method, as applies
to the Environment, Personnel and Vessels, when exposed to it.
Finally the presentation ended, with the comparison of the pros and cons of the two
principal BWT methods, i.e. Electrolysis versus U.V. including the
Technical details, as well as the performance, and maintenance costs of each.
A lively discussion followed the presentation, and the meeting was concluded with the
traditional reception at the hospitable premises of Maran Tankers in Athens.

 ( from left to right ):
N. Dionissopoulos, Substitute EC Member; G. Yu of SunRui ; D. Hu, Author; K. Maounis, Chairman;
G. Grigoropoulos, Past Chairman. 

the presentation can be found below

23.2.2012 Mrs. Wu's Presentation SUNRUI - OCEANDYNAMIC Development Status of BWMS.pdf