Oct 13 2011

Oct 13 2011



‘‘A Return on Investment Tool for Various Fuel Saving Devices for Bulk Carriers’’

Technical Meeting Report by John Kokarakis

The October 13, 2011 technical meeting of the Greek Section took place at the hospitable Maran Auditorium in Athens,  with the title topic presented by Mr. Michael Aasland, Segment Director, Bulk Carriers of DNV, Norway .

Given that bunker fuel represents about 60 to 70% of the operating costs bill for a bulk carrier it is very important that fuel saving measures be enacted. DNV has collected 14 fuel saving measures from hydrodynamic devices to operational related measures and has generated a financial model to determine the financial viability of a fuel saving measure. For example the model can consider two devices which provide improvement to the efficiency of the propeller like the propeller boss cap fin and the Mewis duct and estimate the time it will take to realize profits of the investment of their installation. Of course the return of investment is a strong function of the cost of bunker which is input in the financial model. On the basis of the results of the calculation the optimum choice can be done by the shipping companies to improve the efficiency of their vessels.  Needless to say that simultaneously with the financial benefits the environment will also be benefited since exhaust gas emissions are directly proportional to the amount of fuel consumed. Less fuel means savings and cleaner air. The DNV tool presented in our October 14th 2011 lecture constitutes a significant supporting tool for a prudent and educated selection of the most appropriate means for fuel savings.

The meeting was very well attended, with about 70 persons attending and it ended with many questions on this very important and hot issue due to the direct connection with the revision of MARPOL Annex VI, voted at MEPC 62 in July 2011.

Last but not least we had once again a great get-together social hour with food and drinks, exploring the opportunity to exchange news, ideas and thoughts.

( from left to right ):
N. Dionissopoulos, substitute EC member; M. Aasland, author; K. Maounis, chair.

 the presentation can be fond below
SNAME DNV Guideline for fuel saving Pres - rev1C Short.pdf