December 13 2012

December 13 2012


“Engine Monitor: The Greek Answer to Engine Performance

Report by: Petros Lalangas

On December 13, 2012 the Greek Section had its third technical meeting for the 2012-
13 season, during which Messrs N. Kolliarakis, Managing Director, C. Salatas, Sales
Manager and D. Zografos, Sales Engineer of MIE Company Ltd of Piraeus, Greece
presented the subject topic.

As the authors pointed out, in a time of high bunker prices efficient operation of
the engine becomes critical. The Engine Performance Monitor (EPM ) is a tool
developed by MIE, which aims to fulfill that need. It is a web-based software, which by
evaluating a minimum possible amount of engine data, commonly available on board,
is capable to verify the quality of engine operation and hull/propeller cleanliness. Also,
diagnostic comments are generated every time a deviation exists between the actual, and
the ‘’optimum’’ value (which is the ‘‘as new’’ condition, under the same power output)
of an operating parameter.

Valuable conclusions may be drawn for possible hull-propeller fouling, air supply to
cylinders, fouling of turbocharger, wear of HP fuel oil pumps, defects in ring packs/
exhaust valves, condition of fuel injection equipment and cleanliness of air cooler. The
tool does not require any additional equipment or instruments than the ones commonly
found on board a vessel, and the trend function along with the available KPI's, serve as a
monitoring tool for effective management of engine/hull condition and maintenance.

This EPM achieves less fuel consumption, lower fuel emissions and less thermal &
mechanical stress on vessel’s engine. The software is continuously being improved and
as it was pointed out during the lively discussions, it will include in the future the effects
of wind and waves on the engine performance.

During the reception, which followed the presentation, at the hospitable premises of
MARAN Tankers Management, Inc. the discussions continued and everyone had a
chance to network and extend wishes for the holiday season.

( from left to right ):

D.Zografos, author; A. Papanikolaou, Chairman; K. Salatas, author; N. Kolliarakis, author;
P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer.

the presentation can be found below
Presentation, Mr. Kolliarakis, 13 Dec 2012.pdf