April 6

Meeting Report on Experiences in the Advanced Application of Emulsified Fuel Technology presented Dr. Jerry Ng Kok Loon, CEO at Blue Ocean Solutions Pte Ltd at the Greek Section Meeting on April 6

At the eighth Greek Section meeting for the 2016-2017season on April 6 the practical advanced application of emulsified fuel technology that helps ship owners to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX and technically meet challenges such as 0.5% sulphur fuel regulation, NOx Tier III regulation, PM and soot regulation, MRV regulation, carbon trading implementation and reduced maintenance was presented.
The main benefits of burning emulsified fuel such as the improved fuel efficiency, the reduced NOx emission and the cleaner engines and exhaust were presented and once again established.
Reference was also made to the traditional mechanical governor that has been upgraded to electronic control in the new generation of engines. It became clear that real time performance measurement and monitoring of combustion as well as auto-tuning to optimize the performance of engines are common features today. It was highlighted that Emulsified fuel technology managed to keep pace with new engine technologies to deliver better performances. The presentation ended by discussing new results from case studies in the applications of emulsified fuel for diesel fuels from MGO to HFO.  

A Q&A session succeeded the presentations, while during the post-meeting reception attendees had the chance to meet with representatives of all segments of maritime industry, discuss and share their ideas.

The meeting was attended by nineteen members including students and professionals and ten non-members. 

The meeting was broadcast to SNAME members worldwide. More than 11 members attended it.



The presentation can be found here