February 22 2018

Report on the SNAME Greek Section meeting on February 22nd, 2018


The sixth section meeting for the 2017-2018 season was dedicated to 3D Laser Scanning and Retrofit Process for Water Ballast Treatment and SOx Scrubber Systems.

Evangelos Megalios, Chemical and Mechanical Engineer and Stylianos Spagouros, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer at HYDRUS Group, accepted the SNAME Greek section invitation to give a joint presentation on 3D scanning and subsequent 3D modeling/design.

They started their presentation by making a reference to the increasing interest of the marine industry over the last years due to the demanding tasks of Ballast Water Treatment Plants and SOx Scrubber retrofitting.

During the first part of their presentation the two speakers presented the key factors and tricky points of 3D laser scanning and design for the BWTP installation, while in the second part they focused on key factors affecting the SOx Scrubber selection and installation.

The speakers shared their own professional experience without neglecting to present the overall  industry tendency.

A Q&A session succeeded the presentation, followed by a reception.

The meeting was attended by representatives from all segments of the industry and it was also broadcast.


The presentation can be found here megalios_3d_laser_scanning_2018_SECP.pdf


SNAME Greek Section Officers, J. Kokarakis, K. Maounis and N. Dionissopoulos with the Speakers,

  1. Megalios and S. Spagouros