April 19 2018

Report on the SNAME Greek Section meeting on April 19th, 2018


Even though a Greek Section meeting was not held in March 2018 due to the 6th International SOME Symposium that was co-organized by SNAME and the local Section, on April 19 the SNAME Greek Section had the pleasure to host a special presentation given by Dimos Iliopoulos, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer at Resolve Marine Group (RMG).

Mr. Iliopoulos made a Comparative Analysis of New-Buildings (Handy Bulkers) between Hellenic Shipyards (HSY) and a Modern Far Eastern Shipyard (FES) with Time Difference of 40 Years (1973-2013). During the first part of his presentation the speaker compared Hellenic Shipyards’ delivery of handy-bulkers to that of a modern Far Eastern Shipyard for similar newbuildings with a lapse of 40 years (1973-2013). To make his case and show Hellenic Shipyards’ supremacy in efficiency and delivery, the speaker presented data, statistics and photos, some of which dated back to 1957. In addition to them, he justified the reasons of Skaramanga advantages on pure technical basis and referred to the respective technological developments and innovations, which were made over the last 40 years of shipbuilding history.

During the second part of the presentation he presented the 20 most important innovations / technological advancements which over the last few years were incorporated in the production and engineering activities. He did so to show that even in their absence, the Skaramanga yard was efficient, able to manufacture and deliver B-35 handy size bulkers in a such a timely manner that it can hardly be compared to a today’s modern Far Eastern Shipyard.

A Q&A session succeeded the presentation, followed by a reception.

The meeting was attended by representatives from all segments of the industry and it was also broadcast.


The presentation can be found here iliopoulos_40_year_elapsed_be_2018_SECP_pdf.pdf