May 23 2018

Report on the SNAME Greek Section meeting on May 23rd, 2018


At the semi-final meeting of the SNAME Greek Section for the 2017-2018season the Section had the pleasure to host Dr. Vasileios Tsarsitalidis, Ship Performance Engineer at Vector Marine Software who spoke on “Ship Performance and Condition Monitoring; ISO19030, TMSA3 and Beyond…”

The speaker started his presentation by making a reference to the pursuit for increased performance and the ever-stringent regulatory framework that has driven the market to the implementation of new technologies and advanced approaches. He highlighted that solutions proposed by most key players maintain the goal of energy efficient operation and of switching from fixed period maintenance to an "as needed" basis, but with diverse approaches.

He argued that the introduction of ISO19030 has been an attempt to “level the field” by standardizing the methods of acquiring, filtering and processing data, and building reference models, while in the same spirit, TMSA3 has required very similar monitoring and analysis.

During his presentation the speaker did not only present the structure and methods in hand, but he also brought into light their advantages and extra capabilities using real data and examples. In addition to this, he also drew attention to the potential errors caused by sensitivity to assumptions, baseline models and plain adherence to compliance, while he also examined the status of new technologies both in sensors and methods.

A Q&A session succeeded the presentation, followed by a reception.

The meeting was attended by representatives from all segments of the industry and it was also broadcast.


The presentation can be found here tsarsitalidis_ship_performan_2018_SECP.pdf