February 27 2019

Meeting Report on Principles of General Average – The Role of the Average Adjuster presented by Thanasis Avdimiotis at the SNAME Greek Section’s monthly meeting on February 27th, 2019.


During the seventh section meeting for the 2018-2019season Thanasis Avdimiotis, Average Adjuster, Associate of the Association of Average Adjusters and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers introduced what constitutes a general average; discussed how shipowners’ interests are protected; and presented a real-life example with a simple calculation of the GA expenses, contributory values and amounts to be paid by interests involved in the common adventure.


A Q&A session succeeded the presentation.

The meeting was well-attended by representatives from all segments of the industry that had the chance to network at the post meeting reception.


The presentation can be found here.

Konstantinos Maounis, SNAME Greek Section Vice-Chairman, thanks Thanasis Advimiotis for his interesting presentation.