February 10 2021

Bill Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager South Europe, BV VeriFuel

made a presentation on the topic of



 It is unclear when the shipping industry will turn to biofuels en masse, and biofuels may never be the best solution for ships traveling non-fixed routes. Still, this much is certain: biofuels will have a key, upcoming role to play in the energy transition for the global fleet; as a stepping stone to the path for decarbonization. For maritime stakeholders who are uncertain about committing to biofuels as a fuel solution, mixed fuels are another possibility. By mixing traditional carbon fuels with biofuels or synthetic fuels, known as “drop-in” fuels, ship owners can take a pragmatic step towards lowering their emissions. Current predictions hold that biofuels could supply fuel for at most 30% of the global fleet, due to factors like cost, production levels and sustainable production. For the moment, biofuels are more expensive than fossil fuels and may remain so in the short-term. The presentation will explore the benefits and the challenges of biofuels and will also address their emissions impact.

the presentation can be found below