March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016 Section Meeting

LNG Propulsion and Peripheral Systems

presented by Mr. Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director at Maran Gas Maritime

During the Greek Section’s seventh technical meeting for the 2015-2016season on 17 March 2016 Mr. Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director at Maran Gas Maritime, made a presentation on LNG Propulsion and Peripheral Systems, bringing into light recent developments on different types such as Steam, Ultra Steam, four stroke DFDE, four stroke DF direct drive, ME-GI, XDF and COGES. The presentation focused on basic technical issues and the associated total efficiency of ships.

However, the presentation was not limited to the aforementioned issues; Peripheral issues such as the fuel supply system, the size of the ships, the hull form (single and twin skeg), the propeller design, the hydrodynamic assistance devices, the cargo containment systems (CCS) and the reliquefaction technology were also thoroughly presented.

Thereby, the presentation brought into light the key role that will be played by the CCS, the reduction of the Boil Off rate (BOR) and the design and usability of reliquefaction systems as LNG spot trading market emerges.

These challenges as well as relevant sensitive design parameters were highlighted in a presentation that lasted more than an hour.

A Q&A session succeeded the presentation, while during the post-meeting reception attendees had the chance to meet with representatives from all segments of maritime industry, discuss and share their ideas.

The meeting was attended by thirty six (36) non-members and seventy four (74) members including students and professionals.

For the first time the meeting was broadcast to members both in Europe and north America. More than 30 members registered for it virtually.

The presentation can be found here.