Sept. 17

1. Sept. 17th, 2009

our first technical meeting for the 2009-2010 season, during which Mr. E. Sorensen, Managing Director of Scanvent ApS, previously with Pres-Vac and Mr. H. Aasen of GBA Marine AB, spoke on the subject of:

"Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Systems, Management Plans and the IMO Regulations"

The presentation focused on:

1. The IMO developments concerning the requirements for VOC Management   Plans, the requirements for (rather: correct interpretation of) test requirements and for devices to prevent the passage of flame for highly flammable cargoes;
2. On the  ISOdevelopments on new test and performance standards for devices to prevent the passage of flame;
3.On the impact on existing equipment and update requirements for equipment manufactures to observe; 
4. On the operational issues and specification updates to cope with VOC Management Plan requirements.  

Also, guidance was given on how ship owners can comply with the new requirements for new buildings with no cost through specification and operational procedures.  Finally a super efficient VOC recovery system will be presented which has nearly 100% loss reduction.


Related Material:
Download presentation (.pdf, ~3 Mb)