June 17

June 17


“Common Structural Rules ( CSR ) - Impact on Design Philosophy of Bulk Carriers”

Meeting report by John Kokarakis



On Thursday June 17th 2010 the last technical presentation of the Greek Section for the 2009-10 season took place at the Maran Tankers, Inc. Auditorium, with about 45 persons attending. The presenter was Mr. Peter Contraros Director of PDC Consultants. The topic of the presentation was the impact of the Common structural Rules on the design of Bulk Carriers. The paper was launched by Mr. Spyros Phokas, a long time colleague of the presenter. This important presentation touched the weak points in the CSR and outlined in a lively way the shortcomings of the new rules.

The main objection was focused on the issue of the reduction of the double bottom height and the number of bottom girders. This fact combined with the continuous increase of the floor space leads to vessels with weaker double bottoms. Immediate consequence is the appearance of cracks at the intersection of the lower stool with the tank top propagating through into the inner bottom or in the longitudinal girder. The presenter convincingly proved by Finite Element Analysis that the CSR Rules lead to weaker designs.

Furthermore he presented a large number of deficiencies in the CSR for which there was an exchange of opinions and arguments under the auspices of the Knowledge Center idea established by IACS to improve the rules. The meeting ended with a very lively question and answer session with the wish that the rules will be improved for the betterment of the maritime community.

Last but not least we wished each other a pleasant summer during our reception following the meeting. It is noted that everybody was jubilant following the win of the Greek national team against Nigeria in the Mundial.

From Left: N. Dionissopoulos, Membership Chair; P. Contraros, Author; P. Lalangas, Chair;, S. Phokas, introduced topic;

K. Maounis, Secretary/Treasurer;C. Raptis;J. Kokarakis, Vice-Chair