May 20

May 20

A Compendium of Problems Related to Ship Design from an Electrical Engineering Point of View

by  Petros Lalangas


On May 20th the Greek Section had its ninth monthly technical meeting for the 2009-10 season, during which Assist Prof John Prousalidis of the School of NA & ME at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) presented the subject topic in the presence of some 40 members & guests.

As the author pointed out, the extensive electrification of all systems aboard, leads up to the All Electric Ship in the near or distant future and turns the electric energy systems into the main core unit of a ship.  Hence, the design and the operation of this system is of primary importance from all points of view.

The presentation dealed with meeting the electric power demands of the electric loads installed in both steady-state and transient state of operation.  This requires:

-         Good load prediction at the design stage (mainly at the electric load balance analysis)

-         Good design of all sub-systems (mainly generation and distribution ones)

-         Efficient management of both available electric energy and electric loads (mainly via the Electric Power Management and Control System) 

The presentation covered all these three areas providing a description of the way this is to be done within the frame of “low fuel consumption, low emissions, high efficiency” desired by all operators..  Thus, courses of actions and measures were recommended to face the following problems:

-         assessment of service load factors at the electric load analysis

-         setting minimum operation generator principles

-         power quality problems and

-         on-line power management

Finally in this theoretical presentation the author discussed the topics of: Power supply quality phenomena; Voltage dips, transients & spikes and Future trends for electrification.


After this very useful presentation the normal reception took place for all in an adjacent hall of our great hosts, the Maran Tankers, Inc.


 from left to right:
N. Dionissopoulos, Membership Chair;  Prof Emer. A. Antoniou; J. Prousalidis, Author;  P. Lalangas, Chair.