Jan 19 2012

Jan 19 2012

          NTUA Student Theses Competition

         Report by Petros Lalangas & Vassilis Tsarsitalidis.

The fifth technical meeting of the Greek Section for the 2011-2012 season took place on January 19, during which three students of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens ( NTUA ) presented their diploma theses completed during 2011. Each of these theses was submitted by a different division of the School, and were as follows (authors in alphabetical order):

1. Andreas Andrianakis : "Experimental and Numerical Study of a  Steel-to-Composite Adhesive Joint under Bending Moments". Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. N. Tsouvalis

2. Manos Pananakis: "Investigation of Injection Strategies for Partially Premixed Combustion in Two-Stroke Marine Diesel Engines". Supervisor: Assist. Prof. L. Kaiktsis

3. Panagiotis Sotiralis: "Study on the Probabilistic Oil Outflow from Tankers: Quantities and Costs". Supervisor: Assist. Prof. N. Ventikos

After the presentations a five member judging committee ( three Exec. Com. members and two Profs ) convened and graded the presentations with respect to quality of content and presentation. The winner was Panagiotis Sotiralis, who received from the Greek Section a prize of 500 euro,  accompanied by a Certificate. It should be noted that all three papers were excellent.

After the meeting the traditional Vassilopita cake for the New Year was cut and then hors d’oeuvres, wine, soft drinks etc. were served.  The winner of the Vassilopita lucky coin was Prof. Emer. Antoni Antoniou, who received also the traditional silver-bronze paper weight gift normally given to the authors.

The PP presentations of the contestants can be found below. The first two are in Greek and the third in English, although all three were presented by the students in the Greek language.

K. Maounis, getting ready to start cutting the New Year's Vassilopita,  with P. Lalangas. 

( from left to right ):
K. Maounis, Chairman; Z. Anastasopoulou, NTUA Student Section Chairlady; A. Andrianakis, Student competitor;
P. Sotiralis, Student, holding the winner's certificate; M. Pananakis, Student competitor; P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer.

Presentations can be found below:



PS: Please note on your calendar that on February 16th, 2012 we shall have our Annual Assembly Meeting and our Bi-Annual Elections for the new Executive and Audit Committees. Details will be sent to you later.