Mar 15 2012

Mar 15 2012


Topic: ‘‘Holistic Ship Design: Theory and Practical Applications’’

Report by Petros Lalangas

On March 15, 2012 the seventh technical meeting for the 2011-12 season took place
in the modern and hospitable auditorium of Maran Tankers Management, Inc. in
Apostolos D. Papanikolaou, Professor at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine
Engineering and Director of the Ship Design Laboratory at the National Technical
University of Athens ( NTUA ) presented the titled topic to about 65 members and
He first explained that Holism is from the Greek word όλος, meaning entire, total –
holistic. The properties of a system cannot be determined or explained by looking at
its component parts alone; instead of, the system as a whole determines decisively
how the part components behave or perform.
“The whole is more than the sum of the parts” (Aristotle Metaphysics).

Then, Prof. Papanikolaou gave a brief introduction to the holistic approach to
ship design optimization, defining the generic ship design optimization problem
and demonstrating its solution by use of advanced optimization techniques for
the computer-aided generation, exploration and selection of optimal designs. He
presented proposed methods on the basis of some typical ship design optimization
problems with multiple objectives, leading to improved and partly innovative designs
with increased cargo carrying capacity, increased safety and survivability, reduced
required powering and improved environmental protection. As he pointed out the
application of the proposed methods to the integrated ship system for life-cycle
optimization problem remains a challenging but straightforward task for the years to
come. For more details please visit the site:

and the link to the PP presentation.

Before the technical meeting, the Annual Assembly and biennial elections took place.
In accordance with the Greek Section’s By-Laws and following another meeting of
the first five winners, the new Executive Committee was elected for the 2012-14
period as follows:
Chairman: Prof Apostolos Papanikolaou
Vice-Chair: John Kokarakis
Secretary / Treasurer: Petros Lalangas
Membership Chairman: Kostas Maounis
Papers Com Chairman: Christos Kontovas
The substitute members are:
Stavros Hatzigrigoris ( In the elections he was among the first five, but chose to be a
substitute member )
Nikos Dionissopoulos
Paris Dimitriadis

 ( from left to right ):
K. Maounis, Chairman; A. Papanikolaou, Author; P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer

the presentation can be found below
SNAME HOLISTIC DESIGN OPTIM-Papanikolaou-v3 (1).pdf