Sept 29 2011

Sept 29 2011


‘‘Safety of Ships in Yard - Ships and Yards Measures / Responsibilities’’

Technical Meeting Report by Petros Lalangas

On September 29 the Greek Section had its first technical meeting for the 2011-2012 season, which was a combined event with the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (ELINT). In the presence of some 60 persons, Prof. (Emer.) Dr. Antony Antoniou, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer in Greece, presented the titled subject.

The author presented the special conditions under which a vessel, mainly under repairs but also during construction, is subjected from a safety point of view, during its stay in the yard, and the measures / responsibilities which have to be taken from both parties i.e. the Shipyard and the Ship's Crew, in order to minimize the risks involved but also ensure protection of health and the environment.

The contents of the presentation were mainly based on the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) Publications on Safety in Shipyards, which are addressed primarily to Ship Management Companies and Ships Crews. These describe the Contractual Aspects of Safety, the required condition of the vessel prior to entry into the Shipyard, the safety requirements which should be followed by both the Yard and the Crew, the necessity for continuous communication between Yard and Crew, the items affecting the personal safety and health of the crew, the need for environmental protection, the responsibilities for recommissioning of the vessel after repairs etc.

As the author pointed out, safety is a very important factor in selecting a shipyard and presented the OCIMF Guidance Notes.

OCIMF recommends that if a Company intends to assign a contract to carry out the work, whether construction or repair, it should be ensured that potential Shipyards have an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Policy and perform all work under a formal HSE Management System. This System should be adequately documented with an HSE Manual and be shown to be effective in implementing the aims and objectives of the Shipyard HSE Policy.

It is also recommended that during the shipyard selection process, Ship Owners should undertake an audit of the shipyards, which includes their HSE Management Systems and available data on HSE performance.

A lively discussion followed this valuable presentation and the meeting was concluded with a nice reception at the hospitable premises of Maran Tankers.



 in the photo  ( from left to right ) :
K. Maounis, Chair; A. Antoniou, Author; L. Chahalis, Membership Chair; P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer

 the presentation can be found below