February 20 2014

February 20 2014


by Lambros Kaiktsis and Sofia Iliogrammenou

Topic: “Waste heat recovery in marine propulsion systems”

On February 20th, 2014, the Greek Section had its 6th Technical Meeting for the 2013-2014 season. In the presence of 27 members and 7 non-members, including a good number of students of the National Technical University of Athens, Dr. Ioannis Vlaskos, Global Market Sector Director – Marine, Director - Large Engines & Gas Engines, at Ricardo, presented the above topic.

After a brief overview of the activities of Ricardo, with emphasis to marine applications, Dr. Vlaskos outlined the different strategies towards the recovery of waste heat from marine engines. He categorized the existing approaches as follows:

  1. Thermodynamic, in particular cycles and respective machines.
  2. Chemical, consisting in utilizing exhaust heat and available substances, as diesel fuel and water, for conversion to a new fuel of a higher energy content.
  3. Electro-chemical and electronic, referring to physical effects as the Seebeck effect and the properties of fast ion-conductors, for generating electricity directly from a heat flux over a temperature difference.

In the main body of his presentation, the speaker emphasized on important aspects of current development of waste heat recovery systems based on thermodynamic approaches, in particular turbines directly utilizing an exhaust gas stream, Organic Rankine Cycles, and Erikson and Stirling engines, including estimations of overall efficiency gains. Finally, he presented details of current development on thermo-electric generator systems.     

The seminar was followed by questions to the speaker and an interesting discussion on the topics addressed by the presentation. Main issues discussed were: (a) the financials of currently available waste heat recovery systems, (b) Organic Rankine Cycles, (c) the Seebeck effect physics. The meeting was concluded with the traditional reception of the local section in an adjacent hall of the MARAN Tankers Management building.


in the photo ( from left to right ): N. Dionissopoulos, EC Member; L. Kaiksis, Papers Committee Chairman; I. Vlaskos, Author; P. Lalangas, Secretary / Treasurer.

The presentaion can be found below
SNAME-20 02 2014__Waste_Heat_Recovery_in_Marine_Propulsion_Systems-Final.pdf