October 13 2016

October 13 2016


Meeting Report on Planing Hull Resistance Calculation - The CAHI Method presented by Mr. Panagiotis Alourdas, Director of New Building of Elefsis Shipyards, Greece at the Greek Section’s Technical Meeting on 13 October 2016


During the Greek Section’s second technical meeting for the 2016-2017season on 13 October 2016 Panagiotis Alourdas, Director of New Building of Elefsis Shipyards, made a presentation on the central theme of the design effort for high speed planing craft, in other words the speed and power calculation.


Mr. Alourdas commenced his presentation by making reference to the “predominant prediction method used within the small-craft technical community” as described by Blount, the Savitsky method. He argued that unlike the CAHI method that is the least known across the planing craft designer community the Savitsky method is the most commonly used for the prediction of resistance of planing hulls. Mr. Alourdas gave credit to Almeter who attempted to make the CAHI method known by comparing it with the Savitsky method but without presenting the planing equations of the method.

During his forty-five-minute presentation Mr. Alourdas attempted to “correct this injustice” by not only introducing the CAHI method into the high speed planing craft designer community, but also giving a detailed description of the planing hull theory and the characteristics of planing hulls. He did not limit his presentation to them, but he also presented the planing equations of both methods. The two methods were presented in comparison and their application was thoroughly described. He concluded his presentation by comparing the results of both methods with actual model test data.


A Q&A session succeeded the presentation, while during the post-meeting reception attendees had the chance to meet with representatives from all segments of maritime industry, discuss and share their ideas.


The meeting was attended by thirty-nine (39) members including students and professionals and twelve (12) non-members.


The meeting was broadcast to members in Europe, Middle East and north America. Almost thirty (30) members attended it virtually.

 From left to right: G. Grigoropoulos, P. Alourdas (speaker), J. Kokarakis (Section Chairman), G. Bourtoulis (Papers Committee Chairman)

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