January 21 2021

At its fifth online-only meeting for the 2020-2021 season, Four students of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens presented their diploma theses.

Authors listed in alphabetical order:

Metochianakis, Georgios: “Development & Validation of Zero Dimension Soot Emissions Model for 2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine and Application at Steady State and Transient Operation of Vessel”. Supervisor: Prof. Nikolaos Kyrtatos


Silionis, Nikolaos: “Damage Identification in Thin-walled Girders through a FE-based Digital Twin”. Supervisor: Asist. Prof. Konstantinos Anyfantis


Spyrou, Ioannis: “Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Bilge Keels in Ship Roll Motion”. Supervisor: Asist. Prof. Georgios Papadakis


Zalachoris, Anastasios: “Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Mewis Duct by Performance Monitoring”. Supervisor: Asist. Prof. Nikolaos Themelis

their presentations can be found below