Fellowship Induction for Dan Masterson - Dec 01, 2014

Dan Masterson, longtime Arctic Section member honoured in December 2014.

Dan Masterson was inducted as a Fellow of SNAME at a Ceremony and Celebration on Monday, December 1, 2014. SNAME President Peter Noble awarded the Fellow certificate. Alex Brovkin and Bill Maddock spoke eloquently about Dan, his professional accomplishments, and his career in the Arctic offshore marine industry that spans more than 40 years. Colleagues, family, and friends attended the ceremony at the Glenbow and the celebration afterwards at the James Joyce Pub.
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Dan was also honoured at the Arctic Technology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (March 23-25, 2105).
Arctic Section Fellow Dr Dan Masterson was winner of the first ATC "Distinguished Achievment Award for Individuals. Dan, long-term SNAME member from the Arctic Section, was deservedly recognized as the first recipient of this ATC award. Dan has been a pioneering leader for over 40 years in Arctic and ice engineering and sciences. His work, now codified in the primary standards for Arctic offshore design and construction, enables offshore exploration operations.
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 1. Glenbow host introduces
    the Northwest Passage Exhibit
2. Guests viewing the Exhibit 3. Charlie Perry and Susan  4. Dan Masterson 5. At the Exhibit  6. Guests
7. Viewing the Exhibit  8. Noorma, Kevin, Marlene    9. John and Peter 10. The next generation 11. Alex Brovkin, ceremony emcee 12. Peter Noble, SNAME President
13. Group  14a. Bill Maddock's tribute to Dan 14b. Bill Maddock   15. Dan, Peter and Bill 16. Bill, Peter, Dan 17. Ginny and Dan Masterson
18. Guests mingled after the ceremony 19. Dan's son with friend  20. Special guests:
Dan's son and wife
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24. Guests 25. Peter and Glenn  26. Guests 27. The line up! Friends and colleagues from over 40 years 28. With one more...   29. Mugs
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