SNAME Arctic Section members remember:

Douglas William Vane TempestTempest, Douglas William Vane (1954 – 2006)

Doug Tempest passed away suddenly while riding his favorite bicycle on June 29, 2006.

Doug was a well-known offshore engineer in Calgary, whose talents were widely recognized by the industry. He received his Master’s degree in Naval Architecture and his work since then was dedicated to oil and gas facilities at sea.
The highlight of Doug’s professional career was to manage the conceptual and front end of international projects as a Vice President of Technologies with Tri Ocean Engineering. His later works included conceptual designs for the offshore and onshore facilities in the Canadian Arctic, Alaskan North Slope, Caspian Sea and the Russian Northwest (Komi Republic).

Doug was a SNAME member and a frequent visitor to the SNAME Arctic Section luncheons. He did an outstanding presentation at the final 2006 Arctic Section luncheon, just a few days before his passing. He will be always remembered by his colleagues, members of the Arctic Section and the Icetech06 Committee, and many friends.

The Arctic Section of SNAME would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Doug’s wife, Janice, and his wonderful children, Kyla, Rosie and Eric.


SNAME Arctic Section members remember: 

Allen Lech ChutnyChutny, Allen Lech (1937-2005)

Allen passed away unexpectedly on August 13, 2005 at the age of 68 years.

Allen was a regular and active visitor to SNAME Arctic Luncheon Sessions. Through his career in Canada, he was involved in various engineering projects for the developments in the Arctic. Allen was a mechanical design engineer. Allen will be always remembered by his professional and SNAME Arctic colleagues for his knowledge, experience, and ability to coming up with an the elegant solutions to complicated technical problems.

His generosity and good humor will be missed by many. Our sympathy goes to Allen's wife Eva and his family.