Design Teams

The newly formed SailBot Team is one of many student-run engineering design teams that will showcase Virginia Tech's exceptional College of Engineering.

The spring semester of 2013 marked the inception of the SailBot Team with the goal of designing, building, and sailing a fully autonomous sailboat. The team will require contributions from various engineering disciplines including: naval architecture and marine engineering (ocean engineering), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and programing, as well as countless other specializations.

Designing and building a 2-meter long seaworthy craft can be complicated enough as is, and when constructing a fully autonomous boat the technical aspect intensifies greatly. Team members will need to incorporate (and build upon) their great sense of understanding in the areas of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, ship dynamics, electronics, programing, structural design, material properties, machining, and project management just to name a few.

If you are interested in the Virginia Tech SailBOT team, visit their website.

The Human-Powered Submarine (HPS) Team is one of many student-run engineering design teams that are the pride of Virginia Tech's College of Engineering. The team's mission is to design, build, and race submarines that are propelled solely by human power. Although such a project could be accomplished relatively simply, to do it well requires the integration of many aspects of both engineering and liberal arts disciplines. Building a functional boat and competing each year requires the teamwork of many students who understand hydrodynamics, electronics, composite materials, biomechanics, machining, and administration. Participation on the team gives students a practical application of engineering and allows them to see the design progress from concept, to plan, to functional boat, as well as experience the thrill of competition.

If you are interested in the Virginia Tech Human Powered Submarine Team, visit their website