Past Events - Paper Contest


Congratulations to the the Winners of the Paper Contest 2022:

1st Prize:
"Design of an Engine Room of a Frigate to reach 34 Knots" by Luis Gonzalez Blasco, Polytechnic University of Madrid

2nd Prize:

"Education and Research Diplomacy on the Road to Decarbonisation" by Jaime Perez-Martinez, Polytechnic University of Madrid



Congratulations to the the Winners of the Paper Contest 2021:

1st Prize:
"Safety Analysis of the Navigation System of Autonomous Ships" by Markella Pikouni, University of Strathclyde

2nd Prize:
"A Real-time Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection Framework for Fault Diagnosis of marine machinery systems" by Christian Velasco-Gallego, University of Strathclyde

3rd Prize:
"Conceptual Design of Platform Supply Vessel Engine Room" by Ignacio Martinez-Tizon Garcia, University Polytechnic of Madrid



Congratulations to the Winner of the SMC Graduate Paper Honor Prize 2021:

Aaro Karola of Aalto University of Finland. The award was presented by Dean Prof. Gary Marquis on behalf of Ms. Lourdes (Nina) Lilley (Chair, SNAME WES). He was also the recipient of SNAME WES Paper Contest in 2020. 

It gives us great pleasure to announce Aaro's great achievement and wish him every success for the future.

SNAME Western Europe Section Award Ceremony - 13/10/2021, Aalto University, Finland

(Pictured left to right: Prof. Garry Marquis / Dean of Engineering, Award recipient Mr. Aaro Karola and supervisor Dr. Spyros Hirdaris)

















 A photograph showing presentation of Certificates to the winning student group ‘Seaya’ of the 2021 SNAME WES General Arrangement Prize for Stage 2 Undergraduate Students at Newcastle University.

(Pictured left to right: Keith Hutchinson (representing SNAME WES), Musab Alismaili, Patrick Robinson, Evgenia Moromalou, Dr Maryam (Lecturer of the Stage 2 General Arrangement Group Design Challenge), Adam Quintin-Baxendale, Steph Graham, Dr Kayvan Pazouki – accepting on behalf of Adam Swires, SNAME Faculty Advisor)



Congratulations to the the Winners of the Paper Contest 2020:

1st Prize:  

"Nonlinear Effects in Wave Loads Analysis for a Mega Cruise Liner" by Karola Aaro (Aalto University)


Joint 2nd Prize:
"Autonomous Shipping and the Impact of Age among Merchant Seafarers" by Jevon Chan (Newcastle University)

"5,800-Ton Frigate Hull Optimization" by Francisco Fernández (ETSIN, Technical University of Madrid)



Congratulations to the the Winners of the Paper Contest 2019:

1st Prize:  
"Marine Situational Awareness Solution: Smart Sensor Fusion" by Ines Simic of Rotterdam University


2nd Prize:
"Analysis of Safety Implications for the Power Plant Auxiliary Systems of Cruise Ships" by Kritonas Dionisiou of Strathclyde University




Congratulations to the Winner of the SMC Graduate Award 2019:
Rayan Bouchahine of University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, recipient of Graduate Paper Prize. He was also the 1st Prize winner of SNAME WES Paper Contest in 2018.