Vice Admiral E.L.Cochrane Award

Best Peer-Reviewed Paper Published by SNAME from Conferences, Symposia, “Featured Papers”, Non Ship Production Papers of the Journal of Ship Production and Design, and Non Archival Papers Presented at the Annual Meeting

The Vice Admiral E.L. Cochrane Award

Vincent Wickenheiser Karl Stambaugh
Vincent Wickenheiser Karl Stambaugh

for their paper

"Fatigue Life Analysis of the US Coast Guard's 47 Motor Life Boat"

Presented at Chesapeake Power Boat Symposium, June 2016

Honorable Mentions

Dr. H. Elizabeth Lindstad and Inge Sandaas

for their paper

"Emission and Fuel Reduction for Offshore Support Vessels through Hybrid Technology"

Journal of Ship Production and Design, November 2016

Dr. Geoffrey Swain and Geir Lund

for their paper

"Dry Dock Inspection Methods for Improved Fouling Control Coating Performance"

Journal of Ship Production and Design, August 2016

This award was instituted by the Executive Committee in 1961

to succeed The President’s Award, which was first presented in 1946. The award will be presented to the author of the best peer-reviewed paper published by SNAME from conferences, symposia, “Featured Papers”, non ship production papers of the Journal of Ship Production and Design, and non archival papers presented at the Annual Meeting. Note that ship production papers are considered for the Elmer L. Hann Award and Archival Papers are considered for the American Bureau of Shipping - Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize. The title of the award is "The Vice Admiral E. L. Cochrane Award." The award is a medallion suitably inscribed. Eligibility for the award need not be limited to membership in SNAME. In the case of co-authors, each receives an award. The “Featured Papers” Committee will recommend to the Awards Committee one Cochrane Award nominee, and two Honorable Mention nominees for the Cochrane Award based on their evaluation of significance of the paper’s subject, originality and technical quality. The nomination will require a majority vote of the Awards Committee. Announcement and notification of the award will be made upon approval by the Awards Committee. The award will be presented with suitable ceremonies at such time as the President of SNAME may arrange. The award may be bestowed annually but not more often.

Cochrane Recipients

 2016 Franz Von Bock Und Polach, Soren Ehlers, Stein Ove Erikstad
2014 Bruce Johnson, William Lasher, Matthew Erdman, Jan Miles, and Bill Curry
2013 Bruce W. T. Quinton, Claude G. Daley, and Robert E. Gagnon
2012 Tin-Wo Yang, Robert E. Sandstrom, Haipeng He, and Moses K. Minta
2011 Yasuhira Yamada
2010 Vadim Belensky, Jan Otto deKat, Naoya Umeda
2009 Junbo Jia,Jonas W. Ringsberg
2008 Daniel Savitsky, Michael F. DeLorme, Raju Datla
2007 Daniel Savitsky, Michael F. DeLorme, Raju Datla
2006 Wilhelm Magelssen
2005 Alexander C. Landsburg, Roderick A. Barr, Larry L. Daggett, Wei-Yuan Hwang, Bent K. Jakobsen, Michael A. Morris, Lou C. Vest
2004 Jeom Kee Paik, Jae Myung Lee, Joon Sung Hwang, Young Il Park
2003 William N. France, Mark Levadou, Thomas W. Treakel, J. Randolph Paulling, R. Keith Michel, Colin Moore
2002 Samson C. Stevens & Michael G.Parsons
2001 Duncan T. MacLane
2000 Frank Dvorak, Lawrence B. Elliot, Kenneth Fox, Stanley C. Stumbo
1999 Michael Dyer
1998 Roger H. Compton & Howard A. Chatterton; Jr.
1997 Ou Kitamura
1996 William H. Garzke, Jr., David K. Brown, Arthur D. Sandiford, John B. Woodward & Peter K. Hsu
1995 David J. Witmer & Jack W. Lewis;
1994 Henry T. Chen & Peter B. Lacey
1993 John L. Allison
1992 Daniel T. Melitz, Eric J. Robertson & Nicholas J. Davison
1991 Donald L. Blount &Louis T. Codega
1990 Jay P. Carson & Barbara Lamb
1989 David S. Greeley & John H. Cross-Whiter
1988 G. Robert Lamb
1987 Christopher Cressy, Martin Fritts, John Letcher & Clay Oliver
1986 V. Laskow, P. A. Spencer & I. M. Bayly
1985 Michael G. Parsons & Richard W. Harkins
1984 Archibald C. Churcher, Alex Kolomojcev & Geoff Hubbard
1983 Watt D. Burton, Jr,
1982 Robert D. Tagg
1981 Roy L. Harrington
1980 W. C. Cowles
1979 Thomas N. Sanderlin ,Stuart M. Williams & Robert D. Jamieson
1978 John R. Kane
1977 Frank S. Chou
1976 Alexander C. Landsburg & John M. Cruikshank
1975 Guy C. Volcy
1974 William H. Garzke, Jr., Ralph E. Johnson & Alexander C. Landsburg
1973 John E. Ancarrow, Jr. & Roy L. Harrington
1972 Frederic A. Thoma
1971 E. Scott Dillon
1970 John P. Breslin
1969 Thomas Lamb
1968 D. C. Tolefson & Leonard Brand
1967 R. L. Harrington & W. S. Vorus
1966 William J. Dorman
1965 Hugh Y. H. Yeh
1964 Daniel Savitsky
1963 Irving P. Vatz & Robert F. Williams, Jr.
1962 E. Scott Dillon, Francis G. Ebel & Andrew R. Goobeck
1961 William E. Lehr, Jr. & Edwin L. Parker
1960 Chester L. Long, John L. Stevens, Jr. & John T. Tompkins, Jr.
1959 J. E. McGill
1958 Louis L. Shook, Jr. & Chester L. Long
1957 Harry Benford
1956 Laurens Troost
1955 John McDougall & Daniel T. Mallett
1954 Charles D. Roach
1953 Robert P. Giblon,William Elmer, Jr. & John F. Nace
1952 J. D. VanManen & Laurens Troost
1951 Mark L. Ireland, Jr., M. D. Wheeler & L. E. Spencer
1950 Arthur R. Gatewood
1949 Harold G. Acker
1948 C. Richard Waller
1947 Charles H. Johnson
1947 Ralph F. Symonds & Henry O. Trowbridge
1946 K. S. M. Davidson