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SNAME Releases Annual Meeting Paper Names and Abstracts  

09-09-2010 09:44 AM

SNAME Releases Annual Meeting Paper Names and Abstracts Technical Program to also include Panel Sessions, Student Papers, and Ship Production Symposium papers The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers will hold its 2010 Annual Meeting in Bellevue/Seattle Washington, November 3-5. A core part of the SNAME Annual Meeting continues to be the Technical Program. Technical papers to be presented, authors, and abstracts were announced by SNAME today*. These are: Maintaining Marine Diesel Emissions Using Performance Monitoring, Herb Roeser & Dilip Kalyanker Successful Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Instability Events on a High Speed Catamaran, Sean Kery Zero Emissions Vessels, John Boylston and Bret Smart Operational Evaluation of the USCGC Bertholf Stern Boat Deployment System, Rubin Sheinberg and Frank W. DeBord Designing Effective Machinery Control and Alarm Systems in the Age of Unattended Engine Rooms, Stephen Kemp Prediction of Underwater Noise for Environmental Impacts: Evaluation of a Commercial Vessel and Offshore Structure, Seung-Jae Lee Concept Development, Detailed Design and Construction of the THREE FORTY THREE – North America's Most Powerful Fireboat, Robert G. Allan LNG as a Vessel and General Transportation Fuel: Developing the Required Supply Infrastructure, Gary Van Tassel Implications of Performing Tugboat Stability Analysis with Fixed Trim Assumptions, Bill Foster and T. Blake Powell Prediction and Verification of the Maneuverability of Naval Surface Ships, Frans Quadvlieg Real Time Local Sea State Measurement using Wave Radar and Ship Motions, Eric Thornhill and Dave Stredulinsky Boosting Energy Efficiency in Ships, Oskar Levander Identification of Critical Sea States for Sloshing Model Test, Booki Kim Model for Environmental Assessment of Container Ship Transport, Hans Otto Holmegaard Kristensen *Abstracts are available online at Papers are subject to change. Information on all aspects of the Technical Program, including Panel Discussions, Student Papers, and Ship Production Symposium papers is updated on The final technical program will be announced soon. The SNAME Annual Meeting is the only industry event that includes all the diverse technical interests and professional specialties in naval architecture, marine and ocean engineering. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is an internationally recognized non-profit, technical, professional society of individual members serving the maritime and offshore industries and their suppliers. Founded in 1893, the Society comprises over 8,000 individuals throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. Membership is open to all qualified applicants in or associated with the maritime, offshore, and small craft industries

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