Past Events 2023-2024


Tuesday, 16 April 2024

We held a hybrid event at RINA HQ and via webinar in which Dr Martin Lawrence gave a presentation entitled  "Was HMS Hood really sunk by the Bismarck?".


7th Annual Symposium SNAME UoS

Friday, 23 February 2024

The SNAME Student Section of the University of Strathclyde (Uos) held the 7th Annual Symposium in Glasgow in conjunction with the Western Europe Section.

The Symposium was focused on maritime decarbonisation, particularly carbon capture, and featured five papers from industry experts offering different solutions to achieve IMO emission requirements by 2050.

On Saturday, students and attendees were provided a tour of the UoS Kelvin Hydrodynamics lab which includes two model basins and supporting workshops.






Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Capt Robert Kasprzak of Lloyd's Register UK gave a webinar presentation entitled  "Maritime Fire Safety – Practical Aspects and Principles of Legislation".

(L-R) Capt Robert Kasprzak (Lloyd's Register UK), Mr Keith Lilley (SNAME WES Chair)



Tuesday, 21 November 2023

We held a joint webinar session entitled "Floating Offshore Facilities – Engineering on, in and under the sea" consisting of four presentations given by:

Mr Keith Hutchinson of Safinah Group: "Hull Substructures of Floating Offshore Facilities"

Dr Giuseppe Mortola of London Marine Consultants: "Mooring Systems for Floating Offshore Facilities"

Dr Alan Dobson of TechnipFMC: "Surface to Seabed: Deepwater Energy Recovery from Floating Offshore Facilities"

Dr Paul Stott of Newcastle University: "Do Floating Offshore Facilities fit competitively in the commercial shipbuilding product mix?"

(L-R Top) Mr Keith Lilley (SNAME WES Chair), Dr Alan Dobson (TechnipFMC)

(L-R Bottom) Mr Keith Hutchinson (Safinah Group), Dr Giuseppe Mortola (London Marine Consultants)


4th Year UoS Paper Contest

Students of the University of Strathclyde (UoS) were presented with SNAME WES certificates of appreciation by the faculty advisor.

(L-R) Konstantinos Mitroulias, Iraklis Lazakis (UoS Faculty Advisor), Magnus McIntosh, Antoni Fiedoruk


12th Annual Western Europe Symposium

Friday, 24 February 2023

The Western Europe Section held the 12th Annual Symposium in Glasgow in conjunction with the SNAME Student Section of the University of Strathclyde.

The event consisted of 8 presentations from Industry and Academia on the topical theme of "Decarbonisation" followed by presentations from the 1st and 2nd place awardees in the 2022 WES Paper Contest.

Presentations were given by Edwin Pang (Arcsilea and RINA IMO Committee Chair), Prof. Evangelos Boulougouris (UoS), Keith Hutchinson (Safinah Group), David Connolly (Silverstream Technologies), Gavin Allwright (Windship Association), John Grant (Wartsila), George Mallouppas (CMMI/Green Marine) and Abdullahi Daya (UoS). Paper Contest winners were Luis Gonzales Blasco and Jaime Perez Fernandez.

Speakers were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, and a much sort after SNAME WES mug. The Paper contest awardees were presented with a Medal, Certificate and SNAME mug.

Thanks go to the University of Strathclyde for hosting the event and the Strathclyde Student Section for their assistance. Antonis Michail, the current Student Section Chair was awarded his Certificate of Appreciation for his term in office form the WES Section Chair.


(L-R) Keith Lilley, Edwin Pang

(L-R) Keith Lilley, Evangelos Boulougouris

(L-R) John Grant, Keith Lilley

(L-R) Keith Lilley, Antonis Michail (Student Chair)

(L-R) Gavin Allwright, George Mallouppas, Keith Lilley, Abdullahi Daya, David Connolly and Keith Hutchinson


(L-R) University of Strathclyde SNAME Student Section Committee

The medalists presented their papers at the 12th Annual Symposium of the Western Europe Section held at the University of Strathclyde on 24th February 2023.

1st Prize              Luis Gonzales Blasco        “Design of an Engine Room of a Frigate to reach 34 Knots”

2nd Prize             Jaime Perez Martinez        “Education and Research Diplomacy on the Road to Decarbonisation”


(L-R) Viviana Carta (YP Chair and Paper Contest Coordinator), Keith Lilley (JRVP-International and Section Chair), Luis Gonzales Blasco (UPM, 1st Prize winner) and Keith W. Hutchinson (Paper/Content Chair)


(L-R) Rodrigo Perez Fernandez (Faculty Advisor, UPM) and Jaime Perez Martinez (UPM, 2nd Prize Winner)

Networking Event

Saturday, 25 February 2023

The networking event centred around a visit to the Denny Tank at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Dumbarton.

The Denny tank was the world’s first commercial ship model experiment tank. The facility was in the shipyard of Denny Brothers, builders of the famous Cutty-Sark and inventors of the Denny helicopter, Denny hovercraft and Denny-Brown stabilisers. The museum still exhibits the world of the bygone ship designer in William Denny’s drawing office with related equipment. The museum also includes ship models, photographs and historic objects in the Propeller shop.

The event was well supported with 26 attendees.