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A Brief Overview of the Marine Forensics Committee and Panel

The formation of the Marine Forensics Panel began with a technical paper that William Garzke wrote in 1993 with Dana Yeager, Stewart Harris, Robert Dulin, and D. K. Brown concerning underwater submersibles for the September 1993 Annual Meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. This meeting was a centennial event for the Society and there were a number of attendees for this meeting in New York City. This paper featured a study of the development of underwater research vehicles, and featured how such vehicles were used in the explorations of the wrecks of Titanic and Bismarck to demonstrate what modern technology could accomplish with the advancements in underwater electronics and robot technology. The news media seized on the section of the paper concerned with Titanic and instantly William Garzke became a news item on 17 September 1993 in New York City. Television interviews were made with Dan Rather of CBS, Tom Brockaw of NBS, and Paula Zahn of CBS Good Morning America. The BBC scheduled a voice interview as well.

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Famous Shipwrecks Investigated by the Marine Forensics Panel 

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