Francis T. Bowles Medal

Notable Early Career Achievement by a Young Maritime or Ocean Professional

The 2017 Francis T. Bowles Medal

Matthew L. Unger

Matthew L Unger

Matthew Unger holds a B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute, a M.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and a M.S. in Ocean Systems Management, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Matthew recently joined Wing-Henshaw Inflatables as Chief Operating Officer, bringing his experience in manufacturing and engineering to one of the preeminent inflatable and fendering manufacturers worldwide.

Matthew spent the past ten years at Metal Shark, serving the last five years as the Chief Operating Officer. His responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of design, engineering, and production at Metal Shark’s two shipyards. He designed several patrol craft currently in use by the U.S. Navy and other law enforcement agencies, and oversaw the design of most of the Metal Shark design portfolio. Prior to joining Metal Shark, Matthew was a Naval Architect at Seaworthy Systems, Inc.

Matthew has been an active member of SNAME, crediting it for several of his career successes. He began his involvement as a high school student intern. During college, he became the SNAME Student Steering Committee Chair, serving two terms. After graduating, Matthew led efforts to create and chair the Young Professionals Committee. Matthew has served on the SNAME Council and Executive Committee for multiple terms, as well as several SNAME committees. He currently serves as SNAME’s Awards Committee Chair and is a member of the SNAME Council. Matthew has also served on the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, Webb Institute.


Established by the Executive Committee in 2017

The medal will be for "notable early career achievement by a young maritime or ocean professional." The title will be "The Francis T. Bowles Medal." The medal will be made of gold-plated bronze, one side to show likeness of Francis T. Bowles, the other side to show an inscription of award. Eligibility for the medal, as of March 31st of the year awarded the nominee must have a minimal of five contiguous years as an Associate or Full Member, concurrent to time of nomination and meet the age limit of 35 as of March 31st of the award year. Volunteer service will be considered as a positive factor, but not required. Anyone may nominate. The selection of the nominee for the medal shall be made by the Awards Committee of SNAME requiring two-thirds vote.  Notification of the award will be made following approval and the medal will be presented with suitable ceremonies at the Annual Meeting or at such time as the President of the Society may arrange. The medal may be awarded annually but not more often.

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