Student Membership - What's In It For You?

Student Membership – What’s In It For You?

SNAME, formed in 1893 to serve naval architects and marine engineers, has evolved over the years to serve the full spectrum of the vessel life cycle, including: 
Students - Educators/Researchers - Engineers/Designers - Shipbuilders - Manufacturers - Operators - Recyclers/Salvors

Together these make up the Faces of SNAME.  If you’re maritime, you fit into this spectrum in at least one place, and this means SNAME is the right place for you.

SNAME recently queried its membership on the real-dollar value of the individual features of membership. The numbers show the average value, as determined by our members.

If you have the desire to grow the industry and grow your career, here are some ways SNAME can help you:
• Internship Opportunities (USD 10,000)
• Networking: (USD 4,000)
• Leadership Opportunities – Local and International: (USD 2,417)
• Scholarships (USD 2,000)
• Access to Senior Members & Mentoring: (USD 1,717)
• Student Discount Rate for SNAME Maritime Convention (USD 400)
• International Community Access: (USD 1,080)
• Forum for Transcending Toward Significance: (USD 833)
• Involvement in a Student Section (USD 500)
• Access to Additional Industry-Related Disciplines: (USD 478)
• Access to SNAME Headquarters Staff: (USD 278)
• CEU/PDH: (USD 250)
• Discounts on Textbooks: (USD 50)

SNAME members have spoken, and they say that for every dollar spent on membership, they receive USD 78 value in return.

**The above information was gathered in 2016 through qualitative research focus group methodology. Sampling: focus group research conducted at six of the eighteen

SNAME Sections.

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SNAME Members Only Features

• Internship Opportunities (USD 10,000): Your SNAME membership can help to get your career going with a bang. Many of our student members have landed paid internships that they directly attribute to their involvement in SNAME.

• Discounts to Events and Local Section Meetings (USD 400): Attending international events like the SNAME Maritime Convention allows student members to gain more industry knowledge quickly and get a broader perspective. Likewise, having access to local communities of reciprocity helps a member feel more secure in their industry by knowing that, close at hand, there are colleagues who can help in areas ranging from personal to professional to organizational – all at member-discounted prices, which puts dollars back in your pocket.

• Involvement in a Student Section (USD 500): Becoming a part of a Student Section opens doors through connection with a group of peers who share similar interests and ambitions, connection with industry leaders who make presentations to the Section, and connection with the broader community of SNAME. 

• Access to Senior Members & Mentoring (USD 1,717): Mentoring benefits the givers and receivers. Mentors gain pride and prestige knowing that they are building their legacy and making a positive impact on the industry. Mentees enjoy a greatly reduced learning curve, saving the time and cost of needless beginner mistakes. This is a win-win.

• Access to Additional Industry-Related Disciplines (USD 478): SNAME membership broadens your knowledge base by giving you the opportunity to keep up on facets of the industry that you don’t get to see in your day-to-day activities. SNAME helps you stay ahead of the curve.

• Leadership Opportunities – Local and International (USD 2,417): SNAME members have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles that allow them to grow, learn and try new things outside of the context of their own company. The additional education of volunteer leaders is close in educational value to receiving an MBA, but without the astronomical price tag. The hand-on experiential role can take years of one’s managerial learning curve.

• Membership is Recognition of Your Education/Experience/Competence (USD 150): Affiliation and alignment with SNAME delivers higher credibility in the minds of colleagues, customers and suppliers.

• Prestige Through Face of SNAME Recognition (USD 225): Gain exposure for yourself and your company through our Face of SNAME profiles, displayed monthly on the website. 

• Prestige Through Awards and SNAME Fellow Status (1,302): Earning a SNAME award or being named a SNAME Fellow delivers benefit through a number of conduits such as the ease of entering collegial groups, opening doors among colleagues, customers and suppliers, securing premiere projects and customers, better employees, referrals, and many others.

• Forum for Transcending Toward Significance (USD 833): SNAME provides a platform for you to disseminate your ideas and launch your career. As one member aptly put it, “My early involvement in SNAME very rapidly pushed me past the "minion" into the "creator" phase of my career.”

• PE Review Course (USD 10): Take a step towards ensuring success on the Professional Engineers licensure exam by participating in this 11-week prep course – available to members only.

• CEU/PDH (USD 250): Attending SNAME events can help you to fulfill your required continuing education and professional development hours, providing a low cost/high reward way to maintain your professional certifications.

• Resume Posting on Career Center (USD 188): Find your dream job by getting your resume in front of the best and brightest in the industry.

• Access to Posted Jobs on Career Center (USD 171): Find the best employees through SNAME’s job posting service – save your organization time and money while attracting more qualified candidates. 

• 20 Free Downloads per Year From Our Technical Library (USD 192): The collective knowledge of SNAME and its members is available at your fingertips. As a member, you are entitled to download up to 20 free papers from our reservoir of content -- from legacy papers to the latest trends in the industry.

• Discounts on Textbooks, Publications and Technical Papers (USD 133): As a member, get significant discounts on our must-have content -- through member pricing on our hundreds of publications and thousands of technical papers.

• International Community Access (USD 1,080): Expand your professional network and advance your career by connecting with our 7,000 members around the world. Access your fellow members through face-to-face meetings at our events, collaboration through our Technical & Research (T&R) Program, or by direct contact through our Members Only Directory.

• SNAME Alliance Partners Access and Discounts (USD 204): Receive cost savings to participate in programs and events from related industry partner organizations.

• Access to SNAME Headquarters Staff (USD 278): Save time and money by utilizing SNAME’s professional staff -- available to answer your questions and provide you with hard-to-find information.
• Weekly Member Communication (USD 119): Maintain your awareness of emerging opportunities and upcoming deadlines. The Weekly Member Communication provides a concise synopsis of what’s going on at SNAME, saving you the pain of missing out on your next great success story.

• Knowledge Management (USD 140): Improve your company’s strategic decision-making through access to industry research, standards and guidelines. Use SNAME’s timely information to minimize the chances for loss through regulatory fines and realize gains through an increased awareness of emerging opportunities.

• Networking (USD 4,000): Become a part of our international community and prosper from increased business development opportunities that generate increased profit opportunities, cost and loss savings through learning new techniques, and not falling prey to the wrong suppliers.

All of the above is proof positive that SNAME is a good business decision, a good career decision, and a good financial decision.

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