The Distinguished Service Award

2015 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

In 1988, the Executive Committee established the Distinguished Service Award

This award was established to give Society-wide recognition to those members who, through dedicated personal service and/or technical contributions, have contributed much to the Society and its various activities of the National and Section levels. Past Presidents and past medalists are not to be considered for the award.  This award may be presented annually to not more than 5 (five) members. The award consists of an appropriate plaque presented to each recipient. The presentation is made during a meeting of the Society.
Any member of the Society may submit a nomination on their own behalf, as well as for another member, with endorsement from his/her Section Chairman, using the nomination form approved by the Awards Committee. Nominations should be submitted to the Awards Committee no later than May 1 each year. Nominations submitted may be considered by the Awards Committee for as long as three (3) years. The Awards Committee shall take into account specific contributions, and shall use a scoring system as a guide in evaluating candidates. Point scores shall remain confidential within the Committee.


DSA Recipients

2014 David J. Singer
2013 Richard M, Burns, William B. Hale, William L. Hurley
2012 George F. Sidney
2011 Suzanne M. Beckstoffer, Frederick H. Ashcroft, Robert A. Sielski
2008 John A. Malone
2007 Barbara L. Lamb, Dawson Miller
2006 Richard C. Boutwell, Michael T. Martin
2005 James D. Sharrow
2004 John P. Hackett
2002 Michael L. Powell, Henry A. Olsen
2001 Robert S. Johnson, Edwin G. Wiggins
2000 Christopher J. Reyling, William J. Sembler
1999 Alfred A. Bozzuffi, Ronald F. Briggs, Naresh M. Maniar, Richard C. Rodi, Harvard P. “Bud” Stewart
1998 Peter A. Fisher, R. Keith Michel, Robert W. Peach, Robert D. Tagg
1997 John C. Daidola, Paul B. Mentz, Wolfgang Reuter, Bruce S. Rosenblatt, Robert J. Scott
1996 Jack W. Abbott, Philip B. Kimball, John C. Maxham, William W. Rogalski, Jr., Arnold M. Stein
1995 Amos Baki, John W. Boylston, Robert Cebulski, William H. Garzke, Jr.
1994 Edward W. H. Clendenning, David R. Rodger, Stuart W. Thayer
1993 Allen Chin, Thomas P. Mackey, George A. Uberti, Charles W. Wilson
1992 John H. Higginbotham, Robert G. Keane, Jr., William L. Lane, Donald P. Roseman, David R. Zoller
1991 Roger H. Compton, Roy L. Harrington, Ralph E. Johnson, Raymond Kaufman, William duBarry Thomas
1990 Everett A. Catlin, Norman O. Hammer, Monroe D. Macpherson, David A. O’Neil, Warren I. Signell, Abraham Taplin
1989 William H. Hunley, Robert L. Kelly, Donald E. Ridley, Bruce C. Skinner, Daniel J. Weiler
1988 Jean E. Buhler, Alexander C. Landsburg, Edward M. MacCutcheon, Richards T. Miller, Frank H. Sellars