The Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition

The Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition challenges groups of young people to design theoretical but practical 
cutting-edge vessels. Open to the world's colleges and universities supporting maritime careers, the program 
has fostered teamwork and learning through competition.

Dr. James A. Lisnyk Ship Design Competition 2019

1st Place
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires
Antarctic Logistic Vessel
María Esther JuncoMaría Esther Junco Esteban Nicolás EscuderoEsteban Nicolás Escudero
Ian Carlos Alvarenga CamargoIan Carlos Alvarenga Camargo

Juan Cruz TauterysJuan Cruz Tauterys
Maximiliano Fabián MavicaMaximiliano Fabián Mavica
Faculty Advisor
Agustín Leandro IbarraAgustín Leandro Ibarra

2nd Place
The University of Michigan
Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Luke C. BrownlowLuke C. Brownlow

 Jamie S. Demers Jamie S. Demers

Ian C. FergusonIan C. Ferguson

Stein J. HousnerStein J. Housner

Faculty Advisor
Prof. Matthew ColletteProf. Matthew Collette

Past Winners


First Place (Tie) 
- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU): Bjørn Børresen, Tone A. Dale, Andreas Malm Justad,  Ingeranne Strøm Nakstad,  Ola Gundersen Skåre, and Erik Ferdiand Vinje

Faculty Advisor: Svein A. Aanondsen

First Place (Tie) 
- Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires: Ignacio Lozano, Federico Cascón, Emmanuel Alejandro Viglione, Tomás Veiga, Maximiliano Mavica, and Leonel Yancsura
Faculty Advisor: Martín Jacoby


First Place (Tie) 
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires: Martin Jacoby, Nicolás Maslein, Federico Cascon and Ignacio Lozano

Faculty Advisor: Silvina Julieta Logarzo

First Place (Tie) 
University of Michigan: Samuel Edwards, Nicholas English, Clay Kane, Jessica Reid and Matthew Shirmann
Faculty Advisors: Professor Matthew Collette, Dr. Michael G. Parsons

Third Place (Tie)Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Kasper Endre Westbye Breistein, Kristian Olof Ejdfors, Tobias Lars Hansen, Roald Hartvigsen, Martin Skaldebø and Astrid Solheim
Faculty Advisor: Svein A. Aanondsen

Third Place (Tie) University of MichiganJames Spain, James A. Coller, Darrell Hall and MM1/ss James Carpenter
Faculty Advisor: Professor Matthew Collette

First Place
- University of British Columbia: Olekiy Serduy, Vincent Chung, James Cardno, Jaden Jae Young Yoo, Antonio Peralta

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chris McKesson

Second Place United States Coast Guard Academy: Kasun Athukorala, Avery Fanning, Matthew Orgill
Faculty Advisor: CDR Thomas W. DeNucci

Third Place (tie) - University of Michigan: Taylor Allen, Andrew Earhart, Robert Emmitt, Mark Parra-Stostrand
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Collette, PHD. PE

Third Place (tie) - Maritime College, State University of New York: Nathan Nelson, Luke Levasseur, Jonathan Nothacker, Donald Flaherty, Stephen Herrington
Faculty Advisor: Professor Charles J. Munsch


First Place - University of Michigan:
Bradley Olson, Lisa Bergeron, Renee Wiwel, Sean Fabian, Zachary Bayoff
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Collette

Second Place - United States Coast Guard Academy: James Martin, Lloyd Diaz, Nicholas Couture
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Corl

Third Place - United States Coast Guard Academy: Karlo Vazquez, Lulu Bellm, Sloane Hecimovich, Corrin Nolin
Faculty Advisor: LCDR Dan Cost


Entry Applications Due:
On or before March 1, 2020

Owner’s Requirements Due:
On or before March 1, 2020

Designs Submitted:
On or before May 31, 2020

Winning Teams Notified:
Late August 2020

Awards Announced and Presented:
Fall 2020, Location TBD

Designs received after the May 31, 2020 deadline will not be judged nor considered for an award.

Individuals or teams intending to enter a design in the competition are urged to submit an Entry Form (copy attached) in hard copy or pdf form prior to starting work to:

Mr. Patrick Naughton
Gibbs & Cox Inc.
2711 Richmond HWY, Suite 1000
Arlington, VA  22202
or to:
The completed design report must be submitted via e-mail, or by CD to one of the above addresses on or before May 31, 2020.  Hard copies will be accepted but are discouraged.