2023 Quarterdeck Officers

Our Quarterdeck officers work hard to provide opportunities to the University of Michigan's Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering department. They are here to facilitate professional and personal growth in aspiring naval architects and marine engineers. From organizing trips to SNAME events, coordinating company visits, and planning volunteer and social events, they are all striving to bring out the best in the NAME department.

If you would like to contact any of the current officers, please email

Commodore: Adina Farca (
Vice Commodore: Dimitrios Dikos (
Rear Commodore: Slate Davis (
Treasurer: Molly Myllyoja (
Program Chair: Jonathan Lowry (
Program Chair: Lyn Tran (
Service Chair: Emma Pettigrew (
Social & Media Chair: Chelsea Sun (
DEI Liaison:
Victoria Arciniega (