Thank you to our generous donors! Your support is greatly appreciated; without it, Quarterdeck events, especially attending the SNAME annual conference and section meetings, would not be possible. We are also aiming to create opportunities for students to visit local shipyards and marine-focused companies as well as international ones.


If you would like to donate, checks may be made out to "The University of Michigan" with "Quarterdeck" in the memo line. These may be sent to 2600 Draper Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48109. You can also donate online at this link: https://leadersandbest.umich.edu/find/#!/give/basket/fund/936940Please feel free to contact us at quarterdeck@umich.edu if you have any questions.

Corporate Sponsors

Bay Engineering, Inc
Bentgen Marine Consulting
Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates LLC
Columbia-Sentinel Engineers, Inc
C.R. Cushing & Co., Inc.
Dibner Maritime Associates LLC
Elliott Bay Design Group LLC
The Glosten Associates 
Glowacki Engineering
Ship Architects, Inc
Timothy Graul Marine Services


Personal Donations

David Amble
Todd Grove
Ying Mei
Ray Armstrong
Rick Gupman
Harold M. Miller
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Steve Ceccio
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Todd Sedler
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Robert Keane
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Forrest Kenney
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Ed Comstock
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Justin Slater
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Tom Croft
Russell P. Knowles
Emmons Smith
John Daidola
Mitch Koslow
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James Derusha
Robert Kramek
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Matthew Devine
Robert E. Kramer
Rick Spaulding
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Barbara Lamb
Joseph Sreshta
Volker Elste
Ken Lane
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Ted Garman
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David Toepler
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Thomas Mackey
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