Greek Student Section

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers


Organization approved by the Executive Committee of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers on    /   /        .



The name of the Section shall be “The Greek Student Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.”



The officers shall be a Chairperson , a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary/Treasurer, the Past Chairperson and a Faculty Advisor. One officer shall be the designated Student Section liaison representative from the sponsoring Section Executive Committee.



This Student Section is sponsored by the Greek Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.



All Student Members of the Society attending NTUA Student Section shall be members of this Section as well as being members of the sponsoring Section, if otherwise eligible.



The provisions of the Bylaws and the rules of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the practices of the Society with respect to professional sessions for discussion of papers shall govern the procedure of the Student Section. The quorum for meetings shall be 10 members present. The annual meeting shall be held in March of each year in NTUA.



Section 1Executive Committee  The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, Faculty Advisor, Past Chairperson and  Chairperson of Operations and Papers Committees (if any),  shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall have general responsibility, under the Faculty Advisor, for the affairs and activities of the Student Section.


Section 2 Operations Committee  The Operations Committee shall be responsible for making all of the arrangements related to the Section meeting, for publicity relating to the activities of the Section, and for obtaining qualified applicants for membership in the Society. The Chairperson is appointed by the Student Section Chairperson if the secretary is unavailable.

Section 3 - The Executive Committee shall appoint members to fill any vacancies occurring in the positions of the Officers of the Student Section until the next annual election.



Section 1 – Chairpeople. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Student Section and of the Executive Committee and be responsible for planning and supervising the program and activities of the Section. He shall be, ex-officio, member of all committees. The role of Past Chairperson is to advise (as more experienced) and to vote only in cases of tie vote in order to resolve the situation.


Section 2 – Vice-Chairperson. In the absence of a Chairperson, the duties of the Chairperson shall be performed by the Vice-Chairperson. If the office of the Chairperson becomes vacant, the Vice-Chairperson shall succeed him.


Section 3 – Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer shall have general responsibility for the correspondence of the Student Section and shall take the minutes of all meetings of the Student Section and of the Executive Committee. He shall also have charges of the records and accounts of the Student Section and the collection and disbursement of funds. The disbursement of funds must be as approved by the Chairperson and Faculty Advisor. A budget shall be prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer covering all expenses for each fiscal year. The budget shall be submitted to the sponsoring Section for approval. If the offices of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson become vacant concurrently, the Secretary-Treasurer shall succeed the Chairperson. The actual Treasurer of the section, shall be designated by the sponsoring section (preferably the treasurer of the of  the sponsoring section) and any commercial transactions shall be made by this person alone. Consequently, the responsibility of the Secretary – Treasurer shall be to arrange transactions and not make them.


Section 4 – Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor is appointed by the educational institution after request by the sponsoring section to the educational institution and approval of the sponsoring section. He shall be responsible for the proper operation of the Student Section under the Bylaws, policy and guidance of the Society and the sponsoring Section. He shall be responsible for the continuity of the Section between school years and for maintaining the technical and professional excellence of the Section program and activities and for other matters as assigned by the NTUA.



Section 1 – An annual meeting shall be held in March at which shall be put in nomination and elections conducted for the Officers of the Section except for the Faculty Advisor, members of the Executive Committee and the Past  Chairperson who will have been the Chairperson of the previous year. Terms of offices shall begin on 1st of March for a period of one year.


Section 2 – At least one elected Officer plus the Chairperson of the Section must have at least two school years remaining at NTUA..



The governing authority on all parliamentary rules provided for in these Bylaws should be the latest edition of Roberts’ “Rules of Order.”



            (a) Reading of the Minutes of previous meetings

            (b) Special announcements

            (c) Committee reports

            (d) Stated business

            (e) New business

            (f) Lecture or reading of papers

            (g) Adjournment



Amendments to these Bylaws shall be presented at a regular meeting of the Student Section by the Executive Committee. The amendments shall be brought to the attention of the membership by the Secretary in the notice for the next regular meeting, at which time the amendment will come before the Student Section for discussion and action. A three-fourths vote by the members in good standing present at that meeting in favour of the amendment shall be necessary for its adoption. The amendment is subject to approval by the sponsoring Section and the Chairperson of the Sections Committee of the Society. A member in good standing is one who has paid his dues to the Society in accordance with the Bylaws of the Society.


Any member may suggest to the Executive Committee proposed amendments to the Bylaws by submitting the same in writing to the Secretary of the Student Section. Amendments proposed by ten (10) or more members of the Student Section may be voted on at the annual meeting of the Student Section, provided notice in writing of such proposed amendment has been made to the membership not less than thirty (30) days prior to such meeting.



The fiscal year for the NTUA Student Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers shall commence on September 1 and terminate on August 31 next following.