SNAME Leadership Summit 2017


SNAME Leadership Summit was held in Virginia from the 8th until 11th of June. The purpose of this annual event is to introduce to the new section chairs their responsibilities and the mode of operation of the society but also to get to know each other and to establish paths of cooperation and the importance of partnership.

During the first day of the summit, the registration of the attendees and their acquaintance with other members, students and professionals all over the world took place. Additionally, a welcoming reception was held in the evening. The live BINGO tournament and the distribution of SNAME presents to the lucky winners were the highlights of the day. The second day started with presentations early in the morning that brought into focus the different types of services that SNAME provide and the ways that the members could full use of them. At later stage, small working groups were created , each one sharing its ideas and reasons on WHY SNAME exists and HOW it can become a successful organization. In the evening a cocktail reception was held at the Tide Lock Park, where everyone enjoyed their drink while socializing with other colleagues. The third day of the conference, also started with presentations and was followed by a discussion regarding the weaknesses of the society, how we can eliminate them and WHAT strategy we should follow in order to help our section prosper. The last event of the day was the cocktail reception/dinner at SNAME HQ, where everyone was dressed in their Hawaiian shirts, participating in the ‘’Luau’’ competition. The final day was spent on recapitulating everything (goals and action) being discussed during the previous days and addressing any questions. To conclude, If I had to choose one word to describe the best thing about this event, that would be socialization. During the various meals, the members where put in different tables with different people every time and in that way we got to know each other really fast. Everybody was friendly and social, no matter the age of the profession. I had the chance to meet great people from all around the world and discuss with them about matters of the society but also of the industry and of the education provided. I believe that this kind of communication is actually the core of SNAME because at the end of the day, this what our job is going to be about, meeting different people from all around the world and cooperate with them in order to achieve our goals together!